Discover the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata for best eye care

Top Eye Care Hospitals in Kolkata: Providing Visionary Healthcare

In the bustling city of Kolkata, a cluster of renowned eye care hospitals stands as beacons of hope for those seeking top-notch ophthalmic care. These hospitals not only cater to a wide range of eye conditions but also reflect a commitment to quality and compassion in their services. From cutting-edge technology to highly skilled specialists, each of these institutions is dedicated to preserving and restoring the gift of sight. Let’s explore some of the prominent eye care hospitals in Kolkata:

Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata

1. Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre: Susrut is a leading name in the realm of eye care, housing specialized centers for various eye conditions. Equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly qualified specialists, they offer comprehensive treatments for Cataract, Cornea, Glaucoma, Pediatric Ophthalmology, and more. Susrut also organizes free eye test camps, embodying their commitment to community service.

Address – Kolkata Main Branch HB-36/A/1, Sec.-III, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700106

Phone no -913340506500

Email id –


2. Disha Eye Hospital, Barrackpore: Disha Eye Hospitals is driven by a mission to provide quality eye care with integrity and innovation. The Barrackpore branch boasts skilled doctors and dedicated floors for specialties like Cataract, Retina, and Cornea. Disha Eye Hospitals focus on affordability and convenience, with in-house facilities like a Contact Lens Clinic and The Prova Eye Bank.

List of Doctors at Disha Eye Hospital Barrackpore






Emergency Facilities

In Barrackpore Branch Emergency Cases Are Attended All 24 Hours. On Public Holidays And Sundays, The Emergency Hours Are Between 9.00 A.M And 11.00 A.M.

Address – 88 (63A), Ghoshpara Road, Kolkata- 700120. West Bengal

Phone no – 03325451233

Email id –



3. Currae Eye Care Hospital: Part of Currae Healthcare Limited, Currae Eye Care Hospital offers a full spectrum of eye care services, from diagnostics to surgeries. With a commitment to transparency and world-class facilities, they cover various areas like Cataract, Glaucoma, Lasik Surgery, and Pediatric Ophthalmology.

Address – 1A, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, Elgin, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Phone no – 9749269359

Email id –


4. Rotary Narayana Eye Hospital Salt Lake: As a cornerstone of Rotary Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, this institution specializes in comprehensive eye care, having completed thousands of critical eye surgeries. With a focus on affordability and quality, they offer services ranging from emergency care to Lasik surgeries and maintain a 24-hour working eye bank.

Address – CN Block, Sector V, Salt Lake City Kolkata, West Bengal – 700091

Phone no – 033-3011 5000

Email id –


5. Micro Point: Micro Point Ophthalmologist Clinic in Dum stands out for its utilization of the latest technology in patient care. They provide a wide range of services, including Cataract Surgery, Laser Treatment, and Squint treatments. Their experienced staff ensures patient comfort and personalized attention.

6. ASG Eye Hospital: ASG Eye Hospital was established with the aim of providing top-notch eye care regardless of financial or educational background. Their services include various advanced eye surgeries, eye cancer treatments, and a dedicated eye bank. Their focus is on delivering an exceptional patient experience with every visit. List of Doctors at ASG Eye Hospitals





      3. DR. TANVI JAIN


Address – 403/1, Alcove Gloria, Above Big Bazaar, Dakhin Dari Road, VIP Rd, Sreebhumi, Lake Town, Kolkata 700048

Phone no – 03325212200

Email id –


7. Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital: In collaboration with Aravind Eye Care System, this hospital focuses on serving the eastern and northeastern regions of India. They provide treatments for a range of eye conditions and emphasize community care. The hospital’s OPD offers thorough eye examinations for a nominal fee, catering to a large number of patients daily.

Address – 10 Loudon Street, Kolkata 700017

Phone no – 913322894343

Email id –

8. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital: Apollo Gleneagles Hospital is a multi-specialty institution known for introducing cutting-edge healthcare technologies to India. Their ophthalmology department is equipped with advanced equipment and skilled professionals, offering services like squint management, eye trauma care, and preventive eye care.

Address – 58, Canal Circular Road, Kadapara, Phool Bagan, Kankurgachi, Kolkata 700054

Phone no – 03323202122

Email id –

9. Disha Eye Hospital, Sheoraphuli: Part of the esteemed Disha Eye Hospitals chain, the Sheoraphuli branch provides affordable eye care to the suburbs of Kolkata. With a focus on surgical, laser, and diagnostic services, they cater to a diverse range of eye conditions while maintaining a balance between traditional values and modern practices.

Address – 14, Grand Trunk Rd, Sheoraphuli, West Bengal 712223

Phone no – 03325451233

Email id –


10. Sunetra Family Eye Care Center: Sunetra Family Eye Care Center is a modern comprehensive eye care facility situated in Survey Park, EM Bypass. Founded by experienced alumni of Sankara Nethralaya, the center offers a wide array of services, including diagnostics, surgeries, and advanced treatments for conditions such as glaucoma and retinal disorders.

Each of these eye care hospitals contributes significantly to the healthcare landscape of Kolkata, working tirelessly to provide superior eye care services while prioritizing affordability and patient well-being. Their dedication to innovation, quality, and accessibility makes them invaluable pillars of the city’s medical community.

Address – Unnayan (2nd Floor) 1050/1, Survey Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075

Phone no – 03324188223

Email id –


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Q: What are the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata known for?

The Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata are known for several key attributes that set them apart as leaders in eye care:

  1. Medical Expertise: These hospitals are renowned for their highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists, surgeons, and medical staff who specialize in a wide range of eye conditions.
  2. Advanced Treatments: The Top 10 Eye Hospitals offer advanced and innovative treatments for various eye ailments, including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders, refractive surgeries like LASIK, and more.
  3. State-of-the-Art Technology: These hospitals are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and surgical equipment, ensuring the most precise and effective treatments available in the field of ophthalmology.
  4. Comprehensive Eye Care: They provide comprehensive eye care services, catering to patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, offering specialized treatments and personalized care for each patient’s needs.
  5. Reputation: The Top 10 Eye Hospitals have a strong reputation within the medical community and among patients, often backed by positive reviews, successful outcomes, and years of dedicated service.
  6. Research and Innovation: Many of these hospitals actively engage in research and contribute to advancements in the field of ophthalmology, staying at the forefront of medical knowledge.
  7. Patient-Centric Approach: These hospitals prioritize patient well-being, focusing on providing a comfortable and supportive environment for diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
  8. Quality Care: Known for delivering high-quality care and maintaining stringent medical standards, the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata consistently strive for excellence in patient outcomes.
  9. Community Engagement: These hospitals often engage with the local community through eye health awareness programs, free eye camps, and initiatives aimed at preventing blindness and promoting eye health.
  10. Accessibility: They are strategically located in different parts of Kolkata, making quality eye care easily accessible to a wide range of individuals across the city.

Q: What makes Disha Eye Hospital in Barrackpore stand out among other eye care facilities?

A: Disha Eye Hospital in Barrackpore is known for its specialized services, including Cataract, Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Uvea, and Orbit. They also have additional facilities like Contact Lens services, Spectacle Manufacturing-Dispensing Unit, and a pharmacy.

Q: What advanced technologies do the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata use?

A: The Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata utilize cutting-edge technologies for diagnostics, surgeries, and treatments, ensuring the highest level of precision and effectiveness.

Q: How does Rotary Narayana Eye Hospital Salt Lake cater to the eye care needs of the community?

A: Rotary Narayana Eye Hospital in Salt Lake, Kolkata, has completed thousands of critical eye surgeries and is impanelled under Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna. They offer comprehensive eye care solutions and emergency care units, serving people from all walks of life.

Q: What sets ASG Eye Hospital apart as an eye care provider in Kolkata?

A: ASG Eye Hospital stands out due to its origin, founded by accomplished doctors from AIIMS, Delhi, driven by a mission to provide exceptional eye treatment regardless of economic and educational levels. Their services encompass Advanced Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Corneal Microsurgery, and more.

Q: How does Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital support the eastern and northeastern regions of India?

A: Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital, in collaboration with Aravind Eye Care System, serves the eastern and northeastern regions by delivering comprehensive treatments and surgeries for various eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataract, Lasik, retina, cornea issues, Orbit, and Oculoplasty.

Q: What specialties can patients find at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata?

A: At Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata, patients can access a diverse range of medical specialties, and within its comprehensive offering, there’s a dedicated ophthalmology division. Experienced specialists provide a wide array of eye care services and treatments, ensuring patients receive expert care for their eye-related concerns.

In conclusion, the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata stand as beacons of excellence in the realm of eye care. With a fusion of medical expertise, advanced treatments, state-of-the-art technology, and a patient-first ethos, these hospitals have earned their esteemed reputation. From specialized care for various eye conditions to a commitment to research and community engagement, they exemplify the highest standards in ophthalmology. With accessibility and a dedication to quality, the Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Kolkata not only provide exceptional care but also work tirelessly to safeguard vision and enhance the lives of countless individuals. For those seeking superior eye care in Kolkata, these hospitals shine brightly as the premier destinations to trust with the precious gift of sight.

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